The JerseySPA - 69

The JerseySPA

Location: New York, NY
Date: 2002 - 2002
Size: 5’-0 x 5’-0”
Scope: Method for hanging benches, planters
Client: Major cities worldwide are potential

The “Jersey barrier” Bench Project was conceived in the wake of the September 11th terrorist attacks in New York. Responding to the erection of the now ubiquitous concrete barriers throughout our cities, Sherman Pierre Architects recognized an opportunity to resolve the competing interests of security and openness by suggesting, through design, a means of balancing them. In our observation of the “Jersey barrier” it seemed possible to introduce ways in which they could be adapted so that we could begin to perceive them differently as well as the spaces that they inhabit. Recognizing that the key to changing the perception of the barriers lay in enhancing our interaction with them, we sought to introduce new ways in which the barriers could positively engage the passerby. These images represent our patented design methods for hanging benches, planter and information billboards on the barriers.