Bus Shelter Competiton - 26

Bus Shelter Competiton

Location: Bloomfield, IN
Date: 2002 - 2002
Size: varies
Scope: Design for a bus shelter
Client: Bloomfield, Indiana

As architects, we believe that one of our greatest responsibilities is to enrich the human experience through built form. Thus, the bus shelter as an archetype represents a direct and sincere attempt to enhance public transportation by providing riders a place to rest while waiting for the arrival of the bus. In so doing, the bus shelter embodies the spirit of community and democratic ideals of public transportation. Whereas the automobile makes loners out of us, bus transport reunites us with one another without judgment or prejudice. Every trip begins and ends with the bus shelter. The shelter gathers and channels riders to the bus and their eventual destination. In our project we attempt to express the movement and purpose embodied by the bus shelter through its form and function of its design.

Our shelter, through the deliberate placement of architectural elements, reveals the inherent flexibility and adaptability of not only the bus shelter but also the materials of its construction. Working in a manner that has become emblematic of architecture in the twentieth century, we have co-opted the qualities of the bus shelter and re-interpreted the form as a deconstructed truck in one scheme, a water gathering, giant planter in another and as a country swing in the last. 1. The Deconstructed Truck; 2. The Planter; 3. The Country Swing