Fire House Expansion - 72

Fire House Expansion

Location: Montclair, NJ
Date: 2005 - 2005
Size: 22000 SF
Scope: Design for renovation existing firestation
Client: Montclair Township

Historically, firehouses were the manifestation of the public realm into residential neighborhoods. As civic buildings, they were imbued with handsome materials, details and recognizable motifs that instilled a sense of pride and faith in government and inspired neighborhood residents to participate within their community. In the five schemes that we devised we attempted to uphold this tradition of creating architecture to secure the community’s faith and cooperation. We employed materials such as glass and steel, bricks and mortar, concrete, terra-cotta and limestone for their sturdiness and beauty. We made bold gestures to bring prominence and understanding to the important and noble work being done by the brave men and women who will work and live in this building. Although some of the elements in our schemes are extraordinary, we were confident in their appropriateness, given the project’s aspirations.