Hollis Residence - 102

Hollis Residence

Location: Holmdel, NJ
Date: 2004 - 2004
Size: NA
Scope: A rethinking of the exterior of the home: everything from windows, to cladding, to roofs, to decks, to stairs
Client: Hollis

The clients wished to upgrade and update their modern 70’s home. To bring it up to date, we considered altering its exterior cladding, and the scale of its window openings. We revisited the confused entry sequence and sought to give definition to the space between the garage and main home. Most importantly the existing back decks needed to be replaced , and the connection to the rear yard needed to be strengthened. Our proposal tried to tie together the myriad of existing deck space, and tie together back and front decks and inside and outside space. It also sought to reinforce the tenuous connection between the public top floor, the private second floor, and the walk-out basement. To this end we felt that visually the exterior should attempt to create some verticality to combat the long low character of the home.

The space between the main house and garage becomes a minimal, flat roofed and glass walled, indoor-outdoor space, whose floors extend out to an adjacent deck extension, successfully tying back to front and indoor to outdoor. A new private deck off of the middle level masterbedroom suite, ties this level to the outside and the deck’s stair links it to an open patio below. A patio which in turn links back to the open plan of the walk-out basement, and the newly proposed doors. The rear elevation window patterns reinforce the vertical thrust at the masterbedroom deck and the horizontal vistas from the living room and kitchen.The front entry sequence becomes a bridge from the driveway to a front door which sits high on a two story wall of glass enclosing the stair down to the lower levels.