Staten Island Ferry Terninal - 88

Staten Island Ferry Terninal

Location: Staten Island, NY
Date: 1995 - 1995
Size: NA
Scope: Redevelopment of St George Waterfront at the Ferry Terminal
Client: Thesis Project, Harvard Graduate School of Design

Casey Sherman's Harvard Graduate Thesis focused on "A Place for the Commuter". Folowing research and analysis of commuter spaces and their impact on the design of cities, and the experience of a person moving through a city, Mr. Sherman's associated design proposal suggested a new Ferry Terminal on Staten Island. The proposal called for a terminal/transportation hub with a stronger connection both to the downtown area of Staten Island as well as visual connections back to Manhattan. Views were critical in an attempt to provide the commuter with a sense of orientation within the city. While the spaces themselves needed to be of a scale and distinction worthy of the commuting endeavour. An endeavour which Mr. Sherman felt needed to be celebrated, as it is one of only a few truly shared/urban experiences.