Bandler Residence - 21

Bandler Residence

Location: New York, NY
Date: 2004 - 2004
Size: 2900 SF
Scope: Combination of two two bedroom apartments into a single three bedroom home
Client: James Bandler

The clients came to us upon purchasing the apartment adjacent to their own, an apartment that had access to that most priceless of NYC assets, an outdoor patio. The client’s list of goals included: Creating more generous / comfortable public rooms including space for a living room and dining area. Creating an enlarged kitchen with a more open feel, and better relationship to the spaces it serves. Creating (3) distinct, dedicated bedrooms. One of which is a master bedroom with a private master bath (with both a shower stall and an extra large tub), and two large potentially walk-in closets. Consider best options for use and access of outdoor patio space. A guest bedroom, with the flexibility to serve alternative functions, such as den, study, office, maids quarters etc. Consider possibility of creating a more appropriate entry sequence.

Maintain at least 4 bathrooms. Consider potential for home office space, and children’s play space. Take care to maintain and enhance storage potential. Adding to the challenge was that the client had recently spent a good deal of money renovating their current kitchen and were reluctant to abandon it. After several reviewing several of the options we offered it soon became clear however that by turning the apartment on its ear and relocating the kitchen to a place were a bathroom once resided that the clients could achieve all they hope to in the renovation. The open kitchen, dining and living space all moved to the newly purchased South east apartment adjacent to the outdoor space, and the bedrooms all clustered around an enlarged hallway that served as both circulation and a space for home office, and child’s play space.

The den opens to the public space, but also offers the ability to be closed off by sliding door for use as a guest room. The clear separation of public and private and the generous and welcoming entry sequence bely the fact that the spaces were once distinct apartments, and the terrace operating off of the public side of the apartment has helped it find new life and energized the apartment as a whole.