Collins Residence 1 - 29

Collins Residence 1

Location: New York, NY
Date: 2001 - 2001
Size: 2300
Scope: Provide full architectural service for the reconfiguration and renovation of 2,300sf apartment
Client: Christopher Collins

The Collins Residence most clearly represents our firm’s space planning capability and capacity to enhance apartment dwelling in a spatially challenged city like New York, where space is at a premium. For a young couple with two small children, even 2,300 SF becomes rather small when home offices, playrooms, baby furniture and accessories, jogging strollers, dinner parties and the couple’s penchant for providing lodging for frequent houseguests are taken into consideration. Charged with combining two adjoining apartments in a 1980’s luxury residential building into a three-bedroom apartment with a family room/guestroom, our design solution was to reorganize the combined space and to designate two sides: a public side and a private side. This distinction between public and private, afforded a method for our specification and rationing of materials, fixtures and detailing methods.

This approach responded well to budgetary constraints as greater budget was expended on the public side than the private. Responding to our client’s for various function spaces we provided flexible spaces that could respond to large and small-scale uses through the use of sliding doors, furniture walls and sectional changes. These devices also contributed to contrasting feelings of openness and containment in the plan. This is most evident in our treatment of the kitchen and adjacent dining and living rooms, where sliding doors can close off the kitchen to create a more formal dining and living area when entertaining. Conversely, when the doors are slid out of the way the kitchen is open to interact with the other rooms in a more casual manner. This project was truly remarkable because it challenged us to find a use for every inch of space. Every device employed had an alternative use, as there were no gratuitous moves— nothing was wasted. And, for us, that is very satisfying.