Collins Residence 2 - 33

Collins Residence 2

Location: New York, NY
Date: 2007 - 2008
Size: 2,900 SF
Scope: Provide full architectural and interior design service for the reconfiguration and renovation of 2,900sf apartment
Client: Christopher Collins

The Collins Residence project, completed in 2007 marked the first time SPA had worked for a repeat client, having designed for the complete renovation of their previous apartment in 2001. In the years since we completed the first project the client, a family of three, had expanded with the birth of two sons. As well, SPA was six years older and wiser and had extended their design services to include interior design. So, this project provided the firm with an opportunity to provide the client with total professional design services that ranged from architectural design and project management to a host of interior design services that included lighting and furniture design, specification and purchasing of interior décor such as wall and window treatments, rugs, finish hardware and fixtures.

In addition to the increased design responsibilities, this project was also significant because it was in this project that SPA began to utilize, in a systematic way, Human Factors, which incorporates ergonomics and barrier-free design, in the integration of human needs, physical, psychological and emotional characteristics, limitations and expectations in the design of fixtures, furniture, architectural elements, and space to meet the satisfaction of a client. Specifically, we had to consider that our client had three children of various ages: an eight-year old, a five-year old and an eighteen-month old. We had to design furniture, storage and lighting that was appropriate to the manner in which they played, did schoolwork and interacted with one another and with their parents. The parents presented a unique challenge because of the disparity in their heights. The father is more than a foot taller than his wife.

Therefore, we were very calculating in determining the optimum heights of cabinetry, countertops, shelves, seating, etc. so that they could accommodate both parents. Finally, this project incorporated many qualities that have become hallmarks of SPA’s design approach: Warm, comfortable, casual, inviting spaces that provide flexibility, multi-functionality, and material and textural richness. These qualities along with the central theme of the primacy of family and community provide an accurate depiction of the architects and their client.