Fifth Avenue Loft - 112

Fifth Avenue Loft

Location: New York, NY
Date: 2009 - 2010
Size: 1200 sq
Scope: Gut Renovation
Client: French Businessman
One of our favorite projects, this 5th Avenue loft residence in NYC, entitled "In Celebration of an Itinerant Life", beautifully illustrates Sherman Pierre Architects’ predilection for architectural storytelling. The story began with our Parisian client requesting our help in refurbishing his two bedroom loft apartment in New York City that he used as a connection hub for his frequent business trips to North and South America. During the day, he used the apartment as a home office and, then, as a space for entertaining clients and friends at night. Assured in our understanding of our client’s goals and values, we created a narrative around his itinerant lifestyle and fashioned the loft interior like a sleek, well appointed and efficient piece of luggage. Functioning like a travel trunk from a bygone era, the loft is comprised of multi-purposed compartments: The Living Room and Dining Room with flexible furniture that support work activities during the day, but at night the same furniture and space can be transformed to provide for nocturnal activities. Meanwhile, the Kitchen is the organizational and spatial nerve center of the apartment, with its various compartments for cooking (range and microwave), storage (refrigerator and cabinets for dishes and dry goods), washing (sink and laundry closet) and eating (pass-through bar-counter-seating), provides for his every need throughout the day. The shallow vaulted ceiling spans the entire width of the apartment with its detail coffering that resembles the vertical and horizontal slats of the dome-top trunks that inspired it. Yet, the vault and coffering are also functional as they hide central HVAC ductwork and required fire sprinklers that had been hung, exposed, from the ceiling before the renovation. Similarly, the faux trabeated beams of the Living Room also expand the narrative of the trunk and serve the same purpose of hiding ductwork and sprinklers. The Master Bedroom furthers the narrative and leverages the 12’-0” ceilings to provide open storage compartments above a closet and attic-like storage above the sleeping space that is reached through retractable ladder mounted to the attic side of a ceiling access panel. On balance the design narrative is both representational and functional, as it successfully modernizes a classical design aesthetic in describing and upholding our client’s lifestyle and purpose.