Grau Residence - 44

Grau Residence

Location: New York, NY
Date: 2007 - 2008
Size: 1700
Scope: Combination and Renovation of two one bedroom apartments into a comfortable light filled three bedroom residence
Client: Kenneth Grau

The client came to Sherman Pierre Architects with the desire to combine two adjacent one bedroom apartments into a well integrated three bedroom residence. The challenge lay in reconciling the narrow apartment’s relationship to each other, and the fact that light and air was available only at the far north and far south walls of the combined space. The central space needed to be activated and the light and views from both ends needed to make its way into this space. The existing southern apartment with its view toward Central Park became the obvious location for the public side of the home. The open kitchen with its warm simple lines anchors this side of the home without drawing attention away from the views. The bedrooms on the private side of the home needed to provide privacy while still allowing light and air to flow into the rest of the space.

Glass pocket doors at the entry to the two children’s bedrooms allow for a minimal obstruction of light. The wall separating these two equally sized rooms avoids a clumsy interaction with the existing window through the use of a “pocket window” which closes onto a narrow window mullion, providing adequate privacy between the two rooms.