LoBraico Residence - 7

LoBraico Residence

Location: Shrewsbury, NJ
Date: 1999 - 2001
Size: 2,200 sf
Scope: provide full architectural service for a new addition to a historic colonial home
Client: Dominick LoBraico

The LoBraico Residence presented the difficult problem of adding modern convenience, and 2500 square feet to a 150 year old home, in a designated historic district in Shrewsbury New Jersey. The house had evolved over the years, leaving a large driveway/parking area to assume the entire side yard and converting a secondary egress door, off of a rickety kitchen addition, into the main entrance of the house. We chose to relocate the driveway along the opposite side of the home. This allowed for a garage that faced inward, and reclaimed side yard property, thus lessening the impact of land lost to the addition. The new garage formed a courtyard space linking the old and new portions of the home. The courtyard elevations reveal the modern tendencies of the addition. These tendencies are masked behind traditional walls and clapboard on the street-side elevation. Here the addition steps back incrementally to reduce its

scale and defer to the original 1850’s residence. A breezeway, between the kitchen and garage, links the side yard with the courtyard, and ties the addition into the landscape. Within the home, detailing creates a clear demarcation between old and new. A gallery continues the theme of the center hall colonial into the modern age, linking the kitchen and garage to the home on the first floor, while the walkway above “bridges” the new playroom on the second floor to the old house. The focal point of the addition was the kitchen. The client sought a functional space that would not fight its inevitable tendency toward gathering. It needed to give direct access to outside entertaining areas on both sides of the property. From the kitchen the clients wanted to be able to closely monitor the activities of their three young children. As a result, the kitchen is linked to many of the spaces and activities on the property. It is a room that helps to connect upstairs

to downstairs, old to new, side yard to backyard and inside to out, all while maintaining a sense of comfort and serenity.