Rechtschaffen Residence - 51

Rechtschaffen Residence

Location: New York, NY
Date: 2005 - 2006
Size: 2000 SF
Scope: Renovation of existing 4 bedroom apartment
Client: Alan Rechtschaffen

The client came to Sherman Pierre Architects with the desire to return an 80’s renovated 4 bedroom apartment, in a post war high-rise, back to its former glory. SPA sought to create a space appropriate for a modern thinking New York bachelor. The client’s wishes included bright open space, and oddly enough something that spoke to two of his passions: his Jewish faith and Star Trek. While we were able to deliver the open space, and to employ Jerusalem stone metaphorically and in the construction of a bookcase to hold his Jewish texts, “sadly” the Star Trek references will need to wait for the final frontier. The original plans called for two objects, (a pantry/bookcase object carved from stone, and a bathroom and storage object) to separate and define three or four distinct spaces while allowing them simultaneously to exist as one.

The Jerusalem stone encased bookcase separates the foyer from the kitchen and sets up a dynamic relationship with the bookcase on the opposite wall. On the private side of the apartment, walls were removed from the earlier renovation, and the master bedroom’s bathroom and closets expanded to create a suite. The kitchen efficiently functions as a kosher kitchen with plenty of storage for a multitude of place settings. Apparently the apartment has gone over very well, as within several months of moving in our bachelor was engaged, and more closet space was being carved out in anticipation of their new life together.