New York Architects

Sherman Pierre Architects have been thoughtfully serving New York and its surrounds for more than 20 years. From planning, to architectural design, to the reconsideration of a kitchen, a closet, or a piece of furniture, SPA seeks solutions to the design problem that are in line with an evolving set of firm tenets:

  1. To create warm and inviting contemporary space through the use of familiar materials, strategic lighting, well considered layout, and programming.
  2. Seeking out and studying innate solutions to avoid solutions that are imposing and ill-contrived.
  3. Creating spaces or objects that offer flexibility and multi-functionality.
  4. Revealing material’s fundamental nature to make an architecture that is understandable to all.
  5. Identifying and celebrating communal interests in all sizes and scales.
  6. Create spaces that abet aspects of everyday life; celebrating through design those daily rituals that can enrich our lives.
  7. Weaving the new into the old, with restraint and respect for context

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Within New York City SPA specializes in the renovation and combination of apartments in coop and condominium buildings. From apartment build-outs in newly constructed buildings, to work within the most prominent of New York’s Landmark’s at Tudor City, The Dorilton, The Beresford, and Alwyn Court, SPA has gained a wealth of knowledge that can be applied to the design, managing, and construction of an array of projects. SPA provides expertise in the approval process, from expert handling of Managing Agents, Building’s Architect’s and Building Board of Directors, to navigating The Landmark and Preservation Commission, and the New York City Department of Building.